Project Procurement

Our best-practice procurement teams use a globally centralized approach to leverage buying power and optimize project cost. Our global supply chain network and specific procurement procedures command strong purchasing power and ensure the timely delivery of Ariashid’s high quality equipment and balance of system components to construction sites.

  • Always Ensures Project Economically Realized as Scheduled
  • Leverage Buying Power and Optimize System Cost



Advantages Ensuring the Success of Your Project

– Robust, agile supply chain with a global network, strong purchasing power, and timely delivery

– Integrated planning, scheduling, and execution system

– Significant improvements in cost reduction and installation speed

– Ideal partner with leadership, experience, and technical expertise

– Globally centralized supply chain management

– Selection of the best components and equipment with respect to quality, price-performance ratio, and harmonization

– Key components of the highest quality from premium bankable suppliers

– Cost control and security through strict cooperation agreements

– Leverage buying power and optimize project cost

– Significant cost-reduction improvements